Apnea/Tidal Volume Respiration Monitors

Respiratory Tidal Volume Monitor

This monitor is the next generation in respiration monitors. it monitors the volume of air being taken in, or the depth of breathing. This attribute is the result of the state of the art patented technology being used.The monitor produces a tone whose volume is proportional to the volume of air passing into the patient. This non-irritating tone blends with the background sounds which allows veterinarians to concentrate on the surgery. If the animal's breathing pattern changes, the new tone pattern and volume change alerts the veterinarian so that immediate actions can be taken before physiological changes occur in the patient.

The ease of use is one of the monitor's highly appreciated benefits. Once the patient is intubated (or masked), simply connect the sensor to the endotracheal tube.

The monitor is cost effective. One sensor is suitable for small animals between 4 and 150 pounds. If the practice includes avian or exotic small animals, these can also be monitored by purchasing the appropriately sized sensor instead of an entirely new monitoring system.  Special sensors are also available for tigers and large animals.

The monitor makes monitoring of multiple species (avian, reptiles, exotics) cost effective.

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