Zoo/Wildlife/Large Animal Transport Gurneys

The Zoo/Wildlife/Large Animal Transport or Gurney is an economical solution for lifting and moving large sedated patients from holding cages to the surgical suite. The tables are rated for 900 pounds and can lowered to within 10 inches of the floor for easier loading of patients. 

The standard stainless steel top is 66 inches long and 36 inches wide.  However, the size can be customized to your needs, such as the need to reduce the width to pass through a narrow door.

The standard table lifts with a manually driven hydraulic foot pump. An electric version is also available which uses an onboard battery driven hydraulic pump, eliminating the need for electrical cords.  The charging equipment for the battery is also located on the table's base, inside the enclosure housing the battery.

Tables are also available with greater lifting capacity, should that be needed.  In addition to the electric lift and the greater lifting capacity options, other options include vinyl cushions, leg/arm extension, head extension, instrument tray(s), and IV poles.  All of these options are removable when not needed.

Electric Powered Lifting Transport Gurney

Electrically Powered Lifting Transport Gurney
 Manually Powered Lifting Transport GurneyLarge Animal Transport Gurney

Lifting capability - 900 pounds, though 12 and 16 pound versions are available
Stainless Steel Table top Size - 66" x 36"
Manual (Foot Pedal Pump) Hydraulic Lift, though and electric lift version is available
Lifting from 10" to 38" high

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