Endotracheal Tubes

Our line of Induction Hoods and in stock, hard to find Endotracheal Tubes greatly assist with delivering the proper levels of anesthetic gas for both long and short billed birds and other small exotic animal species, such as ferrets and rabbits. Recommended sizes for various species are found on the Prices and Ordering Information page.

In addition, we aso carry large animal endotracheal tubes which can also be hard to find!

Our site allows you to select the best Induction Hood and Tube combination to treat your specific patient at one location. For available Hoods click here for Prices & Ordering Information. For available Endotracheal Tubes, including large animal tubes, click here for Prices & Ordering Information.

Our specialized Avian Hoods reduce anesthetic gas usage by sizing the induction hood to the patient. The tightly woven synthetic fabric seals minimize leakage to minimize the amount of anesthetic entering the room.

Seals are easily removed and replaced when damaged by a "nibbling" patient as the hood is placed over the head. Because the seals are removable, they can be easily removed for washing for reuse. This ability to easily clean the seals reduces the possibility of passing contamination and lice in situations such as wildlife work or flock maintenance.

Our Avian endotracheal tubes are made with soft silicone rubber, and come in both straight wall and stepped wall models. We also have small endotracheal tubes available with wire reinforcing in both cuffed and non cuffed versions which are useful for some reptile procedures.

Standard sizes are 1 to 3 millimeters for avian and reptile use.

We also have 16 to 30 millimeter endotracheal tubes for giraffes, lions, rhinos and other large animals. In addition to our standard sizes we can meet most special sizing needs - just ask!

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